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 Humana - Dentist - San Jose, CA

Luzana Brignon DDS is a Humana Dentist in San Jose, CA and has been a Humana Dental Provider for the last 4 years.  As a designated Humana Dental Provider you get the Humana discounted dental fees and optimum coverage percentages since we are an approved Humana Dental Provider.

 We accept Humana PPO dental plans and ALL HUMANA PPO Dental Plans.

We can provide a prospective patient all the details on your particular Humana dental plan or group from our National Insurance Database and access to the direct Humana Dental website portal to confirm your current plan eligibility and breakdown all the facets of your coverage.  We will obtain a detailed breakdown of your particular dental plan or group employer plan and can explain all the nuances of your particular group, employer or individual plan and if there is additional Orthodontic coverage and can explain it to you in laymans terms.  Call us at 408-251-0610 with your information to check your insurance plan for you .

The typical Humana coverage is usually approx $1000 to $1500 per year and generally covers as follows

2 FREE Teeth Cleanings ( Prophy's) per Year

Between $1000 - $2000 benefits per year, depending on your particular plan.

Usually 100% coverage on Cleanings, Exams, Emergencies and X-Rays

Usually 80% Coverage of Fillings, Root Canal Treatments and several types of Periodontal treatments

Usually 50% Coverage on Crowns, Bridges, Dentures , Partials and Dental Implant coverage if covered by your particular Dental Group Plan

If you are not sure of what your Humana Dental group plan is we can find your dental plan according to your Employer through our up to date extensive national dental insurance plans database maintained nationally thru Trojan Professional Services or by calling Humana insurance coverage hotline or through our login access to the Humana Dental Website.

We are conveniently located 2 miles east of Downtown San Jose, and also accessible from nearby Milpitas, Santa Clara, Fremont, Morgan Hill as we are east near the East Hills just off Hwy 680 /Alum Rock /McKee exits and head east towards the EAst Hills and Mt. Hamilton , about 7 blocks past White Rd. but before Fisher Ave. and the entrance rd to Mt. Hamilton up the street.

CALL US TODAY AT 408-251-0610  to get your best HUMANA DENTAL dentist coverage and schedule an appointment today, you'll be glad you did !

See our Luzana Brignon DDS dentist profile on the Humana website as a designated Humana Dental provider.

Our Humana website dentist profile listing, overview page in link below.

Our Humana Dental website dentist Provider listing location and details info,


San Jose Ca Humana dental dentist .......CALL TODAY FOR APPT @ 408-251-0610 or with questions on your coverage , we can help.




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