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San Jose Delta Dental Dentist 

 Luzana Brignon, DDS is a San Jose, CA  Dentist.  If you have insurance with Delta Dental, Luzana Brignon DDS is a Delta Premier Provider and accepts All Delta PPO Dental Insurance Plans. We area also Preferred Providers for Metlife, Cigna, , Humana , many Aetna and Guardian plans, and others so please call 408-251-0610 now to ask about specifics of your dental plan.

 We can confirm your Dental Insurance and explain the specifics of your Dental Insurance and/or Employer Group Plan and the particulars of your specific plan via our National Insurance Database and also thru immediate web log-in to the Delta Dental of CA website as a designated Delta Dental Provider . CALL US TO CHECK YOUR INSURANCE @ 408-251-0610...AND SET AN APPOINTMENT TODAY.......Our staff are experts on Dental Insurance plans and we can confirm your insurance and explain your plan to you if you are not already familiar with your coverage aspects of your Dental Insurance. We can also advise on what plan may be best for you when your Employer provides your options during yearly enrollment signup for your employers Dental coverage plans. WE ACCEPT ALL PPO INSURANCE PLANS!


Most Dental PPO Insurances Accepted, including, but not limited to:
  • Delta Premier
  • Delta Preferred
  • Delta Dental PPO
  • Delta Dental
  • Delta Dental of California -
    (City of San Jose employees plans)
  • Delta Dental of Ca
  • Delta Dental CA - GOV
  • Delta Dental Plan -
    ( Various School District plans )
  • Delta Dental Plan of California
  • Delta Care USA
  • Delta Health Systems
  • Delta Dental Plan of Arizona
  • Delta Dental Plan of Northeast
  • Delta Northeast ( NH,ME,VT)
  • Delta Dental Plan of New Jersey
  • Delta Dental Plan of Oklahoma
  • Delta Dental Plan of Arkansas
  • Delta Dental Plan of Michigan
  • Delta Dental Plan of Massachusetts
  • Delta Dental Minnesota
  • Delta Dental Nevada
  • Delta Dental of Colorado
  • Delta Health Systems -
    ( Various Teamsters Locals) 
  • Delta USA
  • Delta U.S.A.- (Ca. State Employees / Lockheed Martin / Wells Fargo / Kaiser Foundation Health / Fujitsu)
  • Delta Dental A.A.R.P. plan
  • Delta USA of California
  • Delta Dental Iowa
  • Delta Dental of Alabama
  • Delta of DC
  • Delta Dental of Indiana
  • Delta Dental Wisconsin
  • Northeast Delta Dental
  • Delta Dental of Missouri
  • Delta Dental Illinois
  • Delta Dental New Jersey
  • Delta Dental of Washington
  • Delta Dental of Georgia
  • Delta USA of Michigan
  • Delta Dental of Virginia
  • Delta Dental of Utah
  • HealthNow Insurance
  • DENTEGRA Insurance Company
  • IBEW/NECA Sound & Comm H&W Trust
  • Bay Area Automotive Group Welfare Fund
  • Oregon Dental Service
  • Washington Dental Service
  • Dental Service of Massachusets
  • Dental Benefit Providers

All Delta Dental PPO Plans accepted as well as the following:

  • GEHA Connection Dental Provider
  • GEHA Dental plans
  • A.A.R.P Dental plan
  • A.A.R.P. c/o Delta Dental
  • AIG
  • Allied Administrators
  • American Postal workers
  • Americas Choice Health
  • Anthem Dental Plans
  • Anthem Blue Cross of Ca
  • Anthem Blue Cross / UAS
  • Anthem BC Life & Health CA
  • A.S.R.M.
  • Assurant Dental Plans
  • Associated Third Party - School District Dental Insurance Plans
  • AXA Equitable Life Insurance co.
  • Best Life Dental
  • Benefit Administrators
  • Connecticut General
  • C.E.B.A.
  • Dental Benefit Providers
  • Dentegra
  • Employee Benefit Dental Plans
  • Fortiss Benefits Insurance
  • Foundation for Medical Care
  • Metlife Dental
  • Metropolitan
  • Metropolitan Life
  • Mutual of Omaha Dental
  • Premera Blue Cross
  • Blue Cross of California
  • Blue Cross Dental Blue
  • Blue Cross Dental Blue 100
  • Blue Cross Dental Blue 200
  • Blue Cross Dental Blue 300
  • Cigna
  • United Concordia Dental
  • Aetna
  • Guardian
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield various plans
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Stonebrook Insurance
  • Dental Select Insurance
  • Group Benefit Services
  • Lineco
  • Core Five Solutions
  • United States Life Insurance Co.
  • Advantica Benefits
  • WMS - Washington Dental Services
  • Time Insurance
  • Health and Wefare Trust Union Dentist
  • United States Life Insurance
  • Carrington Benefit Solutions
  • Beam Insurances
  • Workes Comp insurances
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Humana Dental
  • Benefits and Risk Management
  • Blue Cross of Idaho
  • Healthedge Administrators
  • National Elevator Trust
  • Reliance Standard Insurance
  • Unicare
  • Genworth Financial
  • Genworth Life & Health
  • G.E. Financial Assurance
  • Great West Healthcare
  • Great West Life
  • Group Administrators
  • Group Benefits
  • Group Insurance
  • Hartford Dental
  • Health Benefits Administrators
  • Health Care Administrators
  • HealthPayers USA
  • Standard Insurance
  • South Bay H.E.R.E.
  • Shasta Administrative
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Travelers Dental
  • Pension & Op Engineers Prudential
  • United Healthcare
  • United Administrative
  • Premier Access Insurance
  • Premier Access Dental
  • Premera
  • Principal Dental Insurance
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Time Insurance
  • Stonebridge Life
  • Cypress Dental Plans
  • Core Solutions
  • AFLAC  Insurance
  • BRMS
  • Benefit Risk Mgt Associates
  • Ameritas Life Insurance
  • GBS Group Benefit services
  • Zenith Administrators
  • Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  • U S Life Insurance
  • Security Life Insurance
  • UFCW Trust
  • UFCWX Employee Benefits Trust
  • IBEW H & W trust 
  • Lineco Insurance
  • Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  • National General Accident and Health
  • All Union Dental plans accepted
  • Cypress Dental Administrators
  • Berkshire Hathaway Insurance 
  • Workers Compensation cases
  • Workers Compensation Insurances
  • VA Financial Services 
  • Starmount /Unum Dental
  • Colonial Life Insurance


 ALL  Union Dental PPO's accepted

 See verified Reviews from satisfied patients like this......."I have been a patient for many years. Every member of the staff makes me feel welcome and appreciated. Details of any treatment, visit, and cost is carefully explained. My comfort is always a priority - both physical and mental. I trust Dr. Brignon and her staff completely. Not only do they perform the dental work with care but also manage to do the little things that make the experience as pleasant as possible".   Wade G.

And see other actual patient reviews on our Welcome page.



We can confirm your Dental Insurance usually immediately with our updated National Dental Insurance Database and via Online access with many National Dental Insurance Providers. We also utilize the hearalded Trojan Services insurance eligibility database to provide quick and accurate verification of your dental insurance benefits.

We are a San Jose Delta Dental Dentist Premier Provider and accept Most PPO Dental Insurance Plans....Call Now @ 408-251-0610 to confirm your Insurance and receive expert advice on the specifics of your plan . We accept virtually ALL PPO Dental Plans including Aetna, Guardian, Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans of multiple States and accept virtually all various Delta Dental Plans and all PPO plans so call for information and let us confirm your plan and explain it you thoroughly so we may help you manage and implement your Dental care for you and your Family's needs. CALL 408-251-0610 NOW for a Free No Cost Consultation !!!!!


METLIFE DENTIST ~ Metlife Dental Provider  San Jose, CA 95127

Luzana Brignon DDS is a designated METLIFE Dental Provider for the last 14 yrs.  Call to confirm your insurance and we can explain all aspects of your dental plan in terms you can easily understand.  

CIGNA DENTIST - Cigna Dental Provider San Jose , Ca 95127

Luzana Brignon DDS is a San Jose area  CIGNA DENTIST and designated Cigna Denal Provider for the last 14 yrs .  Call us for detailed information explaining your particular Cigna Dental insurance plan as there are many different plans and aspects to be aware of.

We specialize in Tender Loving Care Dentistry by utilizing the latest in relatively pain free techniques including Biolase EZLase Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry and Biolase Epic Laser for relatively pain free Periodontal treatment and Gum Surgery for patient comfort and faster dealing. We also use DEXIS Digital Xrays for enhanced diagnosis and minimal xray radiation exposure and DEXCAM Intraoral Camera for Patients to get a better view of their own teeth. We also can offer Nitrous Oxide for phobic or nervous patients to have a more comfortable and relaxing dental visit! Biolase Epic Laser also can provide 30 Minute Teeth Whitening and TMJ Pain Relief! Luzana Brignon, DDS also utilizes Nobel Biocare Dental Implant options!


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