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ALUM HILLS DENTAL and Luzana Brignon DDS is a Emergency Dentist at 4600 Alum Rock Ave. in San Jose 95127 area conveniently located 8 minutes from Downtown San Jose area by going East on Alum Rock Ave. to our offices just east of Alum Rock / HWY 680. Looking for a Emergency Dentist near you?  We are centrally located in San Jose just 2 miles east of downtown San Jose, 8 minutes from central San Jose.   We are available to help with immediate Dental needs or a Dental care Emergency.  We try to keep some time reserved everyday to provide emergency relief for new or long time patients with dental emergencies so call us asap regarding your dental issue or concern.

Regardless of whether or not you are in pain we are available.  If you have pain from a toothache do not put off going to a Dentist and risk it getting worse.  CALL ALUM HILLS DENTAL NOW @ 408-251-0610 to get an appt with us to today to at least look at the tooth and get a consultation.  Don't continue to suffer unnecessarily anymore and call us today !  We try to set aside every day to accomodate important dental emergencies so CALL US TODAY for appt!

A toothache is often a sign of infection in the tooth and will only get worse  , the infection may very well spread and  become more painful without being treated and addressing the problem.  A Root Canal Treatment is often necessary to treat the tooth but is not usually done on the first visit , but we will relieve your Pain with our gentle dentistry techniques..  You will also likely get Antibiotics the first visit to treat the infection

If you have a lost filling or have broken a tooth or even had an existing Crown come off but are not if pain you should still see the Dentist for an emergency as soon as possible and we are available to meet these needs.  Call us immediately to discuss the situation at your earliest convenience.

If you are suffering from any of the following you may have a dental emergency :

Get relief from chipped, cracked or lost teeth.  Get relief from Abcess, toothache or Mouth Pain.  Bleeding gums could indicate an issue requiring immediate consideration, dont put it off so call today to address the issue and stop worrying , you'll be glad you did !

Receive immediate care for a lost filling or crown or recementing of an existing crown or bridge.  Can also call for Emergency dental care for a soft tissue or gum issues causing pain and bleeding.

Emergency Oral Surgery such as a Tooth Estraction may be necessary in extreme cases but can be available.

ACUTE PAIN- usually indicates a nerve related issue and a may call for a Root Canal Treatment, so come in to evaluate.

ABCESSES - including swelling of the gums and puss, will probably require antibiotics to combat infection and reduce swelling

INJURY   _ Sports related or accident or work injury related. We have experience in handling insurance claims for workers comp injuries.

**  WE HANDLED WORKERS COMPENSATION INJURY CASES WITH DENTAL AND TEETH INJURIES   ....call us today with your situation, we have experience processing Workers Comp cases thru employers and their Workers Comp Insurance carriers.  CALL NOW @ 408-251-0610 don't wait.

We utilize painless Dentistry techniques to treat your emergency dental situation and optional Nitrous Oxide ( Laughing Gas)  is available for Nervous and Phobic Patients

 CALL US NOW    @   408-251-0610   ALUM HILLS DENTAL ~ Luzana Brignon DDS  ......San Jose Emergency Dentist

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  San Jose , CA Emergency Dentist 95127  Luzana Brignon DDS

Alum HIlls Dental is an Emergency Dentist nearby 95132, 95148, 95133, 95116, 95132, 95122, 95113 and others close to Downtown San Jose, with downtown area being only 2 miles from our office and only 10 minutes away .

When seeking an Emergency dentist near you we are available ! For San Jose dental emergencies call today!  408-251-0610

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ALUM HILLS DENTAL -Luzana Brignon DDS  4600 Alum Rock Ave.  Ste 8  San Jose, CA  95127    408-251-0610     Emergency Dentist serving San Jose area 


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