Smile Makeover


Luzana Brignon DDS specializes in Smile Makeovers, which can range from a partial to a full mouth reconstruction depending on the wants and needs of the patient. Dr. Brignon is a perfectionist when it comes to the shape and shade of your new smile and conformation of the patients Feminine or Masculine smile and teeth.

 Every patients situation is unique and different and each may have several options to consider, whether it be Crown or Veneers or a missing tooth requiring a dental implant. Dr. Brignon also does dental artistry with chairside Composites, Veneers and Crowns and a variety of factors come into play to determine the best short term and/or long term option for the patient.


CALL TODAY FOR A CONSULTATION and see dramatic before and after photos of successfull Smile Makeovers of existing patients, website before and after photos coming soon.


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